Crusader Kings II free to play


Crusader Kings II is officially Free to Keep

Crusader Kings II is officially Free to Keep and now features the Monarch’s Journey! The Monarch’s Journey is a new way of exploring the world of Crusader Kings and will help you earn cosmetic add-ons for Crusader Kings III through Ruler Challenges.

The Ruler Challenges present you with a new realm with a specific objective to achieve. Whether you are a newcomer or a veteran The Monarch’s Journey is your chance to (re)learn parts of the game, try new worlds and new ways of play in our infinite medieval sandbox!

Just login with your Paradox Account in the launcher and enjoy the base game of this cult grand strategy game NOW: 
free game expansion old gods
would you like more?

free extension

then hit the link or click on the picture 
to receive the game + the Old Gods Expansion Free!

An Heir is Born

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