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New Code


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    LootBoy Codes – Comic Codes

    These are all the Comic Codes active & available to redeem:

    • PUNCHTRIGGER [new] Redeem this code for 1,000 coins.

    1,000 coins are waiting for you, you just have to redeem the codes

    LootBoy Codes – Diamonds & Coins Codes

    These are all the Diamonds (or Diamanten) and Coins Codes active & available to redeem:

      LootBoy Codes – Expired Codes

      You can also get some diamonds or coins just playing, without codes:

      • Scrap cards for 100 coins each
      • Get your Daily loot 150 Coins go here Daily Loot
      • Read the comics for 350 coins each, and there is a new one each Friday
      EARN DIAMONDS HERE: Diamond-Dungeon 

      LootBoy Codes – Games For Coins

      • ITCH.IO Code for the PC game Adam Wolfe: You need 19,999 coins


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