Surviving Mars free to download

surviving mars free to download

Surviving Mars 

Another free game is waiting for you in the Epic Game Store;

this time it is; the city-builder Surviving Mars, with its separate display a nice addition to your game collection.

So be on time: before it is gone!

surviving mars free to downloadSurviving Mars Game

Titel: Surviving Mars
Genre: Simulation, Strategy
Ontwikkelaar: Haemimont Games
Uitgever: Paradox Interactive
Uitgavedatum: 15 mrt 2018

Surviving Mars

Haemimont Games the Developer of Surviving Mars has created an urban development game in which building your base, acquiring resources and not forgetting the maintenance and entertainment of your residents, just as it is important and must be well cared for down to the last detail to win this game. The challenge is great, and you can still increase it considerably yourself. It can also go very easily in Surviving Mars, it is important to keep a close eye on your stocks. The fans of this genre will be able to enjoy this with confidence.

Furthermore, it is nicely designed and the style and detail of what we get to see make this a special game, which will certainly give pleasure for a long time. Pay attention to your stock and as Holland's biggest one said: "It keeps watching the little ones"

 surviving mars download

Surviving Mars free to download 10 t/m 17 Oktober  Epic Store

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